Future Proof Your Child

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There is no parent in the world who does not feel a degree of trepidation and fear when their child goes to school, and that fear continues throughout their young lives. Pressure to perform is intense and it is natural to be anxious when you hand your little one over to someone else. You hope that they will fully recognise all the potential future that exists in your child. As a mother who has stood in a school playground weeping on three separate occasions as her sons walked into school for the first time, I know how that anxiety feels. And I used to be a teacher so I should have known better. How much worse must it be if your view and experiences of schools rest entirely on either your own experience, or the images put forward in the media?

This blog is written by an ex teacher and a mother for parents. On these pages I’ll be putting up blogs on how to support your child through learning, from the Early Years through to Sixth Form. I’ll share with you the most recent research so that you can try to bypass politics and come straight to the experts – keep checking the Interesting Reading page as I will add as new articles and research come on line. If you want to ask a question about an issue in education, post it on here. This is not Mumsnet. It is a top tips site from one mother to others. And it has another purpose too. It is predicated on the idea that:-

1. All decent parents want their children to be happy.

2. All decent parents hope their children will thrive in a future which is increasingly uncertain.

3. Parents recognise the importance and value of a high quality education in reaching those goals.

As such, it aims to cut through the headlines to the facts. How do children learn? How can parents support them? How can schools and parents work together to ensure that education is not a political football?

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